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Build My Fortune Master Course

The Build My Fortune Master Course is an 8-week online training in wealth building, containing only the strategies and methods of those who have built and kept seven and eight-figure fortunes…


Lesson 1: Why You Can’t Afford To Lie To Yourself About Money

You’ll learn:

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The Shared World View of Self-Made Millionaires

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So you can crush your false beliefs about money…

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How To Calculate Your Personal Wealth Accumulation Ratio (WAR)

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So you can measure your wealth-building progress based on your current salary, learn how to accelerate it starting today, and do it all without comparing yourself to anyone else…

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The 7 Action Patterns Of Self-Made Millionaires

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So you can model the specific behaviors that have led others to building, keeping, and growing 7 and 8-figure fortunes…

Lesson 5: How I Tripled My Salary In Two Years With Advanced Negotiation Skills

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Warning: Do Not Go Into Another Meeting With Your Boss Without This Lesson…

Lesson 2: How To Create Tax-Free Wealth

You’ll learn:

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How To Partner With The Government To Pay Less Taxes

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Learn the tax secrets the wealthy, including how to reduce any tax…

Lesson 3: How To Own Nothing But Control Everything

You’ll learn:

Limitations Of Wills

Understanding Living Trusts

Asset Ownership vs. Asset Control

The 10 Tenets of Asset Protection

Internal vs. External Liability

Why You Can’t Wait Until Something Happens…

What Happens If You’re Unprotected

The Multi-Layer Defense Of The World’s Leading Asset Protection Attorneys…

A blueprint for building an impenetrable fortress around your life and fortune…

Additional Lessons

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Asymmetric Investing Strategies

How To Use Small, Equal Position Sizes Across Multiple Opportunities

How This Strategy Limits The Capital-At-Risk While Enabling High Returns

How I Used The Strategy To Turn $145,584 to $802,177 In Three Years

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How To Become A Successful Dividend Investor

How To Generate A Passive Stream Of Dividend Income By...

Identifying Dividend Growth Stocks

Defining A Standard Set Of Screening Criteria

Creating A Diversified Set Of Dividend Champions

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The Hardest Money On Earth (Bitcoin 101)

How To Use Bitcoin To Combat The Rising Prices Of Assets…

Why The Bureau Of Labor’s Consumer Price Index Is a Lie

Why Inflation Won’t Stop In 2022, 2023, 2024, or 2025 And Why Your Opportunity To Escape It Is Now…

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The World’s Computer (Ethereum 101)

How Little Ethereum Has In Common With Bitcoin

How Blockchain Is Poised To Cut Out Middlemen, Improve Transparency, And Increase Efficiency In Countless Industries Worldwide

What Everyone Ought To Know About Making A Fortune From The Worlds Computer…

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Greg S

Small Business Owner And Self-made Multimillionaire.

Alex’s course has been instrumental in setting up a trust tailored for my needs - it will have long term effects on the well-being of my family and business. I recommend his program; it was well worth the investment.

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Nick T


Alex Stoermer’s wealth-building training course has completely changed the way I think about money. Learning new habits has helped me finally get on track for financial success. I can’t wait for the bitcoin 101 lesson.

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Ana D

Gas Station Clerk Turned Real Estate Agent And Investor.

Alex’s course taught me the fundamentals of wealth building. I learned how to build my financial safety step-by-step, without conflict of interest (he sells nothing inside the program). I’m now a member of the investor class and know that I can retire wealthy if I do the right things.

Disclaimer: I am not a financial adviser and this is not investment advice. This information is for general education purposes only; do your own research or consult a licensed financial advisor prior to making any investment decisions. All investing involves risk and potential financial losses. I share my results and the results of others; your results may be better or worse.

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